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Our mission is to support and inspire a daily practice for people who seek to live a healthy life, especially those struggling with addiction of any kind. We share personal insights, offer positive actions and provide fresh perspectives for living life with purpose and clarity.


Allyson : Vision & Design

CEO/Creative Director
As an entrepreneur and award-winning designer, Allyson sets the overall strategy and direction for the company. She has a B.A. in Design from the University of Florida, and is a 6th degree black belt (Rokudan) in Cuong Nhu Martial Arts.
Inspiration: With several generations of her family challenged by alcohol and drug addiction, she is acutely aware of how negatively addiction can affect family dynamics. Her hope is to help others heal with Today's Step products.


Jan : Insights & Movement

VP Content
Jan is responsible the editorial and video content of Today's Step products. Considered a master of Taiji and Qigong, Jan specializes in teaching private lessons and seminars throughout North America, and is the director of the daily qigong classes at a drug and alcohol treatment center on Bowen Island.
Inspiration: Sober since 1984, Jan is passionate, supportive and encouraging about changes that can happen in one's life when they begin to move in a conscious way.


Leslie : Connections

VP Business Development
Leslie provides advice and support on the finance and business development side. She has held a variety of business strategy and sales roles in small to medium size companies, and leverages 17 years in the consulting and market research industries. She has a B.S. in Physics from Caltech and an MBA from the University of Oregon.



Fred Moeller, L.P.C., CEAP, SAE
Substance Abuse Professional, Critical Incident Stress Mangement, EAP Professional, Supervisor and Advisement

Ronald Marquardt, Ed.D, Doctorate in Educational Psychology
University of California at Berkeley




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